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Video Sells It Better

So, you’ve got a product you believe in. You deliver a great sales pitch. Your website is beautiful and informative. You’re doing great work with clients who love you. Now you’re ready to share all of this with the world. The best way to do that, effectively and efficiently, is with a video.

Internet is the new television, and your website is your very own channel. It’s a billboard on real estate that everyone can access. You want viewers for your daily programming. You want traffic stopped at your billboard.

Show, Don’t Tell.

It’s just that simple. You can talk for hours and I may never fully grasp what it is you do. But if you show me video of your work and your product in action, I will see what you do, how you do it, and I’ll most likely begin to imagine how that work could benefit me. The same is true for client feedback. You can tell me all about your satisfied customers and share anecdotes of how their lives were improved by your company. But your stories will always be just that: your stories. If I see and hear the same testimony from a satisfied client, I will know without a doubt that it’s true.

Say It Right, Every Time.
Think about it. I’m sure you can recall your best pitch ever. That golden moment when you said everything right, explained it all perfectly, and your client understood exactly what you were trying to say. Now think about your off days, when you just couldn’t find the right words. With a video, your perfect pitch will always be ready, and you can repeat it as many times as you require. Of course, video doesn’t have to replace your sales pitch alltogether. Regardless of how you choose to use it, video will improve communication with your prospective clients.

In addition to communicating faster and more effectively, video is an excellent way to break the ice and open the floor for more questions about what you do.

Get Your Content Moving.
So, video improves your sale when you’re in the room, but what about when you’re not?  We are an Internet culture. Most likely, your future clients’ first contact with your business will be on your website. Imagine for a moment that you could be there when your homepage opens. Would you rather hand your prospective client a page with 500 hundred words of text? Or start telling them what you have to offer, with interesting visuals and testimonials from satisfied customers? Send your message faster and better with a video.

Your message in text. Not TSA approved.

Your message in text. Not TSA approved.

TSA approved. The other passengers will appreciate this.

TSA approved. The other passengers will appreciate this.

It’s all about sharing these days. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, the list of social media sites gets longer every day. These can be great tools for your business, but they all require one thing: brevity. Long blocks of text and still images don’t inspire a share. A short, engaging video on the other hand, that’s a quick and easy send.

Think about this way: your message is traveling the world. Would you rather send it with a chunky steamer trunk (text), or a four-wheeled Tumi carry-on (video)?

With a video, your message is streamlined, polished, and built to travel fast through email and social media sites.


Honestly, we probably should have made a video about this.


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