Meet the Team

We are a collaborative of award winning filmmakers and photographers that are motivated by story and captivating imagery. We are located in Charlotte and travel worldwide. Feel free to come by our studio to check us out and see more of our work on large screens and to learn more about our workflow!





Adam Coker | Producer | Photographer

The Good Light LLC is owned and operated by chief lens and floor cleaner Adam Coker of Charlotte and the Lake Norman area. Adam grew up in Greensboro, NC and trained as a jazz and classical musician at Greensboro College as well as Appalachian State University on a scholarship out of high school.  After many years in Banking and The Furniture industry Adam decided that photography and filmmaking was the best tool for combining his passion for art and storytelling.


Awards include but may not be limited to.

Adam Pinewood derby 1984-86 , most known for his second place at the 8th grade dance contest! He wishes he had the video to prove it, though he claims he has witnesses.





Trish Coyne| Co-Producer | Photographer

Trish is simply a power house when it comes to the day to day at The Good Light. Trish is always involved in all affairs at the office and on all shoots.  Trish studied photojournalism and communications at the University of Florida and has freelanced for several major newspapers and publications such as the Gainesville Sun, Miami Herald and Sports Illustrated. After leaving Florida Trish worked for Brain Farm in Jackson Wyoming where she learned to rule the world.


Trish loves doing yard work and fixing things at her new house. Well, not really.




Josh | Chief Editor  Filmmaker

Josh | Chief Editor Filmmaker

Josh has a degree from UNC in photojournalism and visual communications. Josh serves as our chief editor and critic to help us step up our game every step of the way. Get in his way and he may run you over! Seriously,  Josh is a complete delight to work with and he seriously has no enemies. Everyone loves Josh. He always makes people smile.

Awards include but may not be limited to.

King of Final Cut at UNC, he can be spotted wearing his burger king crown while editing.






Paul | Humanitarian Photographer | Filmmaker | Traveler | Singer | Songwriter

Paul | Humanitarian Photographer | Filmmaker | Singer | Songwriter

Paul has been an international photographer and filmmaker for global relief agencies for over 10 years. Paul also has a degree from Appalachian State University where he studied technical photography. Paul can often be found in the middle of Africa or body surfing in Hawaii. Paul brings an incredible amount of experience to the table when he helps with projects and he has always had a keen eye for discovering The Good Light.


Awards include but may not be limited to.

Paul has won many national or possibly regional awards for hosting the best going away parties ever and dodging malaria more than anyone in the history of people being named Paul Sherar.


If you came to with the sole purpose  of looking for photographer Paul Sherar, he has moved  his site to